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Waveland Police Department

Equality – Compassion – Integrity – Dedication – Respect

The Waveland Police Department is located at 1602 McLaurin Street, and is headed by Chief Mike Prendergast. The department has adopted the following Mission Statement that shall guide all employees.


"The Waveland Police Department, in partnership with our community, provides impartial, ethical, and professional law enforcement service and protection. We strive to maintain the trust and confidence of our citizens while working to improve the quality of life".

Mike Prendergast
Chief of Police
Phillip Pavollini.jpeg
Assistant Chief
Phillip Pavolini

Waveland Police Department
1602 McLaurin St, Waveland, MS 39576
Phone:(228) 467-3669    Fax:(228) 467-3686

The Waveland Police Department has adopted the following statements of its values:

  • Maintain service as our primary goal, while vigorously pursuing
    those who commit crimes.


  • Ensure that community responsiveness and the prevention of crime
    shall always be the hallmark of this organization.


  • Strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism
    in all our members and activities.


  • Provide courteous police service with respect for the rights and
    dignity of all the people we serve.


  • Involve the community in all policing activities that directly affect
    the quality of community life.


  • Structure police service in a manner as to reinforce the strengths of
    the city's neighborhoods.


  • Encourage public input regarding the development of policies that
    directly affect the quality of neighborhood life.


  • Manage our resources carefully and effectively.

  • Seek the input of employees into matters that affect job
    satisfaction and effectiveness.


  • Remain committed to a shared and open relationship of involvement
    with all segments of our community.

    Ward 1 Neighborhood Watch Information


Employment Application

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Department Directory


Lisa Parker - Administration Assistant -

Eddie Hursey - Chief of Investigation -

Jamie Nelson - Investigator -

Ricky Trudell - Investigator -


Joshua Stockstill - Sergeant -

Joseph Joffrion - Sergeant -

Troy Bordelon - Sergeant -

John DeSalvo - K-9 Officer -

Michael W. Prendergast - Patrol Officer -

Igor Rybar - Patrol Officer -

Jeff Hair - Patrol Officer-

Reed Verdin - Patrol Officer -

Ezell Arnold Jr. - Patrol Officer-

Glenn Agnelly - Patrol Officer -

David Murtagh - Patrol Officer -



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