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The residents of Ward 1 take crime seriously, and criminals BEWARE!  You are being watched!

The aim of neighborhood watch includes educating residents of a community on security and safety and achieving safe and secure neighborhoods. However, when a criminal activity is suspected, members are encouraged to report to authorities, and not to intervene.

Currently, Ward 1 has thirteen (13) Block Captains who meet with their neighbors regularly, keeping them up to date of what they are seeing in their neighborhood, and then convey that information with the other Block Captains so they can be on the watch in their areas.
With their coordinated communications, and camera systems in these neighborhoods, as well as working hand in hand with the Waveland Police Department, Ward 1 is taking proactive steps to combat crime.

If your street does not have a Block Captain, and you'd like more information about how you can become more involved for your neighborhood, please contact me or Suzanne Bertoniere so we can get you set up.  If there are resident in other areas of the city who would like to find out how your neighborhood can start your own Neighborhood Watch group, again, let me know.

Together, we can make Waveland a safer place for everyone.

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