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Make Waveland Home

No matter if you are a new resident or business owner who is planning to move from a nearby city or from across the country or world, we want to make your relocation a smooth and welcoming transition.  Waveland offers you beauty and small-town charm for your family and employees.  Our close proximity to metropolitan areas has been a draw for others for over a century.  It's been said that people have come for a brief day trip or vacation, fell in love, and made the decision to make Waveland home as their primary residence, and many second homes. 


Business owners interested in bringing your business here, check out our Tax Abatement Ordinance to help you.  If you have additional questions, let me know.  Take a look around and find your piece of paradise as you make Waveland home.  When you're ready to establish your new roots, the list below will make things easier for you.     

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